The Guitar Hour is an online chat show hosted by Tom Quayle, Dan Smith, Dave Brons and David Beebee. 

The main show features jamming, guitar chat, special guest interviews, gear guides, audience chat room, Q&A sessions and more, all LIVE streamed to both YouTube and If you're into podcasts, you can also listen to the audio only version by subscribing via iTunes or a podcast app of your choice.

In addition to the main broadcast seasons we also produce extra content such as uncut star interviews, gear demos and other cool features that can't be squeezed into sixty-ish minutes.

We aim to combine our love of guitar with our desire to build a community of like minded individuals, providing entertainment, valuable information for careers and musical development and share our experience and knowledge with people from all over the world.

The Guitar Hour takes a ton of work to produce and will always be free to watch; however, if you would like to support us and help us to continue making the show, you can do so by donating to our Patreon page or buying a Guitar Hour T-Shirt.

Thanks for watching!



Tom Quayle is a UK based fusion and jazz guitarist with a unique legato style that has earned him a reputation as one of the foremost modern fusion players around, with fans such as Brett Garsed, Steve Morse, Tim Miller and Dweezil Zappa. Tom is co-founder of The Guitar Hour.



Dan Smith is the co-founder of The Guitar Hour and a supremely talented and tasty player with a reputation for great tone and chops. He is full time guitarist for The Swing Commanders and has released tuition material for Lick Library under his own name.



Dave Brons is The Guitar Hour's resident Rock Shred machine and a highly accomplished composer, producing his fantastic album - Based on a True Story - combing rock with epic orchestral arrangements. Dave is also an amp expert, having built his own amps for years.


David Beebee is a Leeds based guitarist with a highly versatile and educated style, well versed in Jazz, Rock and Blues. He is very experienced as a live musician performing regularly up and down the UK and has taught hundreds of guitarists whilst producing self made tuition products for his website.