The Guitar Hour Podcast is a weekly, long-form discussion hosted by Dan Smith and David Beebee.

Together, and in conversation with some of today’s top players, they explore approaches to improvising, harmony, changes playing, technique, practising, teaching and share the humorous ups and downs of being a professional guitarist in the modern age.

Previous guests and interviews include, Jonathan Kreisberg, Andy Timmons, Gilad Hekselman, Allen Hinds, Ben Eunson, Mark Lettieri, Andy Wood and many more!

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(They also get together with podcast friends Tom Quayle and Dave Brons for the occasional video live-stream. The podcast has its origins in Dan & Tom’s YouTube show, so check Tom’s channel for hundreds of hours of back catalogue TGH videos)

Host Rogues

Dan Smith

Dan is a co-founder of The Guitar Hour and a supremely talented and tasty player with a reputation for great tone and chops. He is full time guitarist for The Swing Commanders and produces the 1-Minute Monday video lesson series. He has also released long-form tuition material both for Lick Library under his own name available at his website.

David Beebee

David is a UK based guitarist with a versatile and educated style, well versed in Jazz, Rock and Blues. He produces tuition products for his website, does 1-to-1 Skype lessons, plays with bands live in the UK, and travels further afield giving clinics and demonstrating for Fibenare Guitars. Via the podcast he has the immense pleasure and good fortune of getting to ask his heroes how they visualise the fretboard! :-D

Regularly Recurring Rogues

Tom Quayle

Tom is a UK based fusion and jazz guitarist with a unique legato style that has earned him a reputation as one of the foremost modern fusion players around, with fans such as Brett Garsed, Steve Morse, Tim Miller and Dweezil Zappa. Tom is currently touring the world with Martin Miller playing their signature Ibanez guitars.

Dave Brons

Dave is The Guitar Hour's shred machine and an accomplished composer, producing his album - Based on a True Story. Dave is also an amp expert, having built his own amps for years. He is currently finishing off his sophomore album.

Jake Willson

Jake is a terrifyingly good guitar player and also holds a doctorate in composition. He plays regularly in the top West End shows and produces tuition masterclass content for Jam Track Central. Jake is also currently putting the finishing touches on his debut album.