65: Time Feel, Subdivisions, Picking Tekkers, NAMM FU - New York Part 1 (w/Jake Willson)

A casual check in from sub-zero New York City. It’s post namm, pre-Fibenare clinic and Beebs, Smith and Jake huddle together on a sofa (for platonic body warmth) to chat through the namm show and the upcoming Rudy’s Music event. As ever they accidentally stumble into some meaty musical areas such as time feel and counting in difficult performance environments, rhythmic subdivisions with legato and right hand picking technique.

Part 1 of our New York series. We have some seriously cool stuff coming over the next few episodes!

61: A Brief History Of The Podcast, Looking Back At 2018, 2019 Guitar Resolutions

Happy New Year!

A groggy start to the new year as life quickly kicks off again after the holiday season. The boys give you a little history of how the podcast came to life, as well as looking back over the past year and discussing favourite moments as well as lessons learned along the way. They also get on board with the new year, new you mantra and dicuss their non year resolutions and goals for the coming year, both personal and podcast related. Enjoy! 

  • 00:00 - Intro

  • 02:39 - Value of music / New Years Eve gigs

  • 06:47 - New year, new you

  • 07:22 - A brief history

  • 16:43 - Personal highlights

  • 23:08 - Future threads

  • 25:58 - Guitar New Years Resolutions

  • 45:17 - Beebs’ Resolution

  • 54:35 - Outro