91: Rick Beato Interview - Ear Training, Million Subs, The Beato Book

Tom Quayle & Beebee sit in the virtual armchairs for a chat with one of our most requested podcast guests - Rick Beato. They discuss Rick’s incredibly diverse skill set, musical background and rise to YouTube phenomenon (he will have just ticked over a million subs as you read this!) before delving back deep into the ear training topic and Rick’s upcoming ear training course. There’s word of The Beato Book v3 & Club and of course, Beebs says the words fretboard visualisation at least once..

We always say this, but.. it’s a great one! Strap in and enjoy :)

Episode & Show Links

Rick's YT Channel Everything Music
The Beato Book & Webstore
The Beato Club
Rick on Instagram

84: Martin Miller Returns - On Audiation & Ear Training

Beebs and Tom welcome back Martin Miller to give his thoughts on audiation, playing what you hear and the ear training beast of recent episodes.

Tom and Martin compare and contrast different aspects of their aural skills and also shed a bit more light on the visualisation in the process.

It was nice to catch up with Martin again, and a really interesting episode - there’s some truly great info in this one guys!

Episode Links

Martin On Youtube

Martin On Patreon

JTC Instructional Material

Ibanez MM1

79: Dan Gets Revenge & Tom Quayle On Ear Training

Dan gets brutal revenge on Beebs with a surprise test & Tom Quayle returns to give his thoughts on ear training.

The guys follow up on last week's show - probing the wax filled mess that is aural development in education.

  • 00:00:00 - Remote Podcasting Gesticulation

  • 00:01:57 - Haydock Guitar Show

  • 00:10:09 - Familiar Faces

  • 00:12:29 - Audience Escape Velocity

  • 00:18:05 - Tom's Ear Training Experience

  • 00:27:09 - Shifting Contexts & Keys

  • 00:37:41 - Visual & Aural Intervalic Function - 2 Sides Of The Same Coin?

  • 00:41:53 - Value Judgements Of Ideas

  • 00:47:05 - Hearing What You Play Or Playing What You Hear?

  • 00:55:29 - What Are We Doing This For?

  • 01:12:57 - Dan's REVENGE!

  • 01:21:45 - Before We Wrap Up

Episode Links

Shawn Tubbs

Functional Ear Trainer


78: Ear Training Practise & Playing What Your Hear

The boys answer listener email - and in the process, start a new run of episodes exploring ear training, connecting the ear to the fretboard, improvisation and playing what you hear. They share their history and frustrations (mostly Beebs’ ranting) with formal ear training, ponder the nature behind vague instruction, the difficulty teaching ear training and start exploring what can be done.

Evil Beebs then springs a surprise listening test on Smith! Mwuhaha.

Definitely follow along in your podcast app artwork to see images of what is being talked about.

Strap in!

Episode Links

Dan’s Beyond The Lick Series
Northern Guitar Show Haydock
A Bag Of Strymons - The Worship Twofer

Functional Ear Trainer Links

Jeff Schneider’s Video Recommending Functional Ear Trainer
Functional Ear Trainer Desktop (Software by Alain Benbassat)
Functional Ear Trainer (iOS)
Functional Ear Trainer (Android)
Jeff Schneider Video On Ear Training (Part 1)

Articles Referenced Re: Perfect Pitch Prevalence In Tonal Language Speakers

Absolute Pitch, Speech, and Tone Language: Some Experiments and a Proposed Framework

Absolute pitch among American and Chinese conservatory students: Prevalence differences, and evidence for a speech-related critical period (L)a)

77: Pro Touring Gigs w/ Bobby Harrison & Phil Short

This Week The boys are joined by friends of the show Bobby Harrison and Phil Short. Its Bobby's first time on the show and he tells us all about his current gig playing guitar for Cliff Richard as well as his previous experiences on big touring shows. Phil returns to the podcast for a second helping and fills us in on landing an arena tour with Westlife. We chat about getting the gig, the audition process, gear and what its like to be a guitarist for shows on such an enormous scale. A great insight from both guys this week. Enjoy!

Bobby Harrison


 Phil Short


76: Levi Clay Returns & More Vai Book Follow Up

The guys cross the streams and conjure one half of the #Guitarsoles podcast - Levi Clay back to the show. They discuss Levi’s recent video review of the Steve Vai book Vaideology, critiquing ideas and changing one's mind. They also crack open the mail sack answering listener email, and follow up with some suggestions on where to start with modal harmony.

Episode Links

Artur Menezes
TGHP Spotify Playlist
Berklee Book Of Jazz Harmony
Tom’s Modal Tutorial
Frank Gambale Books
Levi’s Vaideology Video
Tom Monda - Thank You Scientist
Levi’s Youtube Channel
The Guitarsoles Podcast
Levi’s Patreon

75: Effective Practise - Motivating The Hard Stuff & Fractal Audio FM3

Beebs & Smith follow up on last week's Vaideology episode before discussing the latest big announcement from Fractal Audio.

This weeks deep dive chat is on ways to practise guitar effectively, and in particular, motivating the discipline for the hard things that make long lasting change in playing.

Episode Links

Order An Amazing Cake From Cheryl :D

Levi's Video On Vaideology

Fractal Audio FM3 Announcement

73: YouTube Copyright Madness & Dep Sub Gig Culture

YouTube are enforcing some pretty awful (and sketchy) copyright restrictions on big guitar and music channels. The guys chat this over, and muse on what a good thing it is that there’s no ‘YouTube’ for podcasts…..yet.

Deep dive topic this week is all about depping (subbing for our American friends). The culture, etiqutte, skillset, and various pro’s and cons.

  • 00:00:00 - Just The 2 Of Us

  • 00:01:12 - Podcast Birthday

  • 00:04:12 - Catch Ups

  • 00:09:04 - YouTube Guitar Copyright Madness

  • 00:17:16 - Owning Your Own Content & Platforms

  • 00:33:00 - Dep Or Sub Guitarists

  • 01:22:36 - The Missing Ratings & Reviews Many Thanks!

Episode Links

Paul Davids YT Vid On Copyright Policy

Rick Beato's YT Vid On Blockers

72: Inside Tracks w/ Andy Wood And Ben Eller On Junktown

With the boys still trying to put their mind holes back together after the last inspiring visit from Andy Wood, he returns and this time brings with his his good buddy and partner in crime 'Uncle' Ben Eller. After a rowdy catch up and a thorough southern hazing from both barrels of the wily Knoxvillians the two git slingers take us through Andy's most recent guitar instrumental album 'Junktown'. Strap in for a track by track walkthrough including insights into the writing, recording and production process as well as some deep chat on the creative journey as a whole.


Andy Wood
Junktown: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/junktown/1450417109
IG: https://www.instagram.com/andywoodmusic/?hl=en
YT: https://www.youtube.com/user/andywoodmusic
FB: https://www.facebook.com/awoodshreds/
Andy's Suhrs : https://www.suhr.com/instruments/andy-wood/

Ben Eller
IG: https://www.instagram.com/benellerguitars/
YT: https://www.youtube.com/user/BenEllerGuitars
FB: https://www.facebook.com/unclebeneller/
Dead And Lovely Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/dead-and-lovely-horror-movie-podcast/id1225725051?mt=2
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/BenEllerGuitars

71: Legato Nerd Road Trip (with Tom Quayle)

(Beware: This episode contains hardcore legato nerdery!)

Beebee and Tom Quayle are enroute to the Jonathan Kreisberg/Nelson Veras gig and turn on the mics to pass the time. They discuss guitar duos, legato technique, phrasing, seismic changes in technique, and also follow up on last week's episode, getting Tom’s thoughts on right hand technique influencing vocabulary.

Please excuse the car engine noise, it does reduce significantly about half way through!

  • 00:00:00 - What Are We Doing?

  • 00:02:30 - Guitar Duos

  • 00:07:42 - Tom’s Upcoming Asian Tour

  • 00:11:35 - Tom’s Guilt Driven Practise Session

  • 00:12:58 - Legato Nerd Technique Discussion

  • 00:21:46 - Right Hand Hybrid Ponderings

  • 00:24:34 - Technique Influencing Vocabulary Follow Up

  • 00:41:10 - Changing Technique, Can’t Go Back?

  • 00:50:06 - 3-1-3 vs 2-1-2 Revelations

  • 00:55:06 - The Relative Nature Of Wanting To Be Better

  • 00:56:34 - Posh Dinky Sausages

Episode Links

Kreisberg Meets Veras
Ben Eunson - 50 lines package
Mark McKnight

70: Role Of The Guitar Teacher In 2019 & Picking Technique Influencing Vocabulary (with Greg Stott)

This week the guys are joined by Australian guitarist Greg Stoff. They discuss how the role of the in-person guitar teacher has changed during the online/YouTube age and how picking technique can influence, help or hinder vocabulary and line development.

  • 00:00:00 - Intro

  • 00:01:22 - Greg Stott

  • 00:12:22 - How The Role Of ‘Guitar Teacher’Has Changed'

  • 00:31:10 - Watching Every Single YouTube Guitar Video Ever In Order

  • 00:40:35 - Personal Trainer & Guided Practise Sessions

  • 00:44:33 - Skype Lessons & Frequency

  • 00:52:41 - How Does Picking Technique Influece Our Vocabulary & Phrasing

  • 01:19:41 - Greg’s Music

  • 01:25:03 - The Big 3

  • 01:37:08 - Wrapping Up

68: Norwegian In Nashville Shredding A Strandberg - Keven Eknes

This week the guys catch up with Keven Eknes to talk about Berklee, LIPA, Instagram, social media, Strandberg and the Nashville scene for guitarists.

  • 00:00:00 - Intro

  • 00:01:58 - Keven

  • 00:03:34 - Noway to Nashville via Liverpool

  • 00:05:32 - Berklee scholarships

  • 00:09:36 - Berklee experiences

  • 00:19:51 - Guitar persona/being a rock guitarist in Nashville

  • 00:28:00 - Nashville Number Charts

  • 00:38:00 - Social media and work ethic

  • 00:51:00 - Instagram to YouTube

  • 00:54:13 - Listener Q&A

  • 01:02:28 - The Big 3

  • 01:08:09 - Future Projects

67: UK Jazz Conservatoire, Sky TV Guitar Star Competition, Cruise Ship Work (w/Gabriel Wareing)

In their final leg of the trip Smith and Beebs catch up with Gabriel Wareing. They talk about his recent move to NY, studying jazz at the Royal Conservatoire Scotland, cruise ship guitar work and his involvement with Sky TV’s Guitar Star competition.

This should be the last of the dodgy audio quality episodes for a while as we resume normal podcast service and start to roll out big updates to the show. As always, thanks for listening!

  • 00:00 - Intro

  • 03:30 - Earning That Ship Money

  • 08:38 - Early Influences, Learning Rock By Ear

  • 17:16 - Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Jazz & Music College Experiences

  • 22:48 - Fretboard Visualisation

  • 25:03 - Miles Okazaki - Fundamentals of Guitar

  • 28:18 - Mick Goodrick - The Advancing Guitarist

  • 29:22 - Sky Arts 'Guitar Star' TV Show

  • 38:14 - New York Jazz & Theater Scene

  • 43:18 - The 3 Questions

  • 47:50 - Wrapping Up, Off to Tourist

66: Wayne Krantz Interview - An Improviser's OS update, 55 Bar Home, New Record and More - New York Part 2

Beebee & Smith sit down in an empty (yet noisy!) NY coffee shop with the legendary Wayne Krantz to dig into practise, improvisation, artistry, ears and more. They discuss the background to Wayne's book 'An Improviser's OS', it's legacy and the upcoming 2nd edition/revision.

Apologies for some background noise and a few jump cuts, the location based recording wasn't quite as clean as hoped! Hope you enjoy :)

  • 00:00 - Intro

  • 00:06 - Freezing Fingers

  • 01:46 - Upcoming Projects

  • 02:33 - 55 Bar - Feels Like Home, Amp Buzzzz

  • 10:26 - Loose Pedals

  • 11:28 - Background to ‘An Improvisers OS’

  • 20:30 - The Beach, Ocean & Pier (Ears & Theory)

  • 26:18 - The Goal To Not Visualise?

  • 31:58 - An Improviser’s OS (Upcoming Revision)

  • 35:06 - Future Touring & The Reality Of Niche Music

  • 40:26 - A Composed Direction

  • 44:38 - Wrappin’ Up